“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. … The power of education extends beyond the development of skills we need for economic success.” – Nelson Mandela


collection of stories written by young learners during project workshops …


A long, long time ago there was a man who had really large ears, his name was Bill. The people who lived in the town of Knokutu did not seem to like Bill as he had really large ears and he would eavesdrop on their conversations, but the truth was that Bill was half deaf so he did not eavesdrop on people’s conversations, but the people of Knokutu thought their assumption was right.

When the people of Knokutu saw Bill turning up almost everywhere, they decided to call a meeting and invited everyone besides Bill. They had a chat about Bill and decided that whenever Bill was around they would stop their conversation.

And that’s where it started, Bill didn’t seem to know what was going on but he did not seem to want to know as he thought it was no big deal.

The news announced that there would be a hurricane but Bill did not understand as he couldn’t hear a word being spoken and the others didn’t speak when he was around.

One cold day Bill was all alone in his house having a hot cup of cocoa with some buttered cookies. When suddenly it became more and more chilly and he couldn’t handle it so he took his duvet and rested on the couch but it got even worse and his house started moving. There was a strong hurricane and that was last anyone ever saw of Bill.



Leopards are the only animals with a black spotted golden coat. It is because they are the only members of the cat family to have been gifted with the power of night vision. Leopards can’t hunt during the day, because then they are still gold and their golden fur glitters in the sun’s light. They can also not hunt at night because their coats reflect the moon and make it easy for their prey to see them.

It was this way until the leopards decided to make a plan, they spread news promising that anyone who could help would never be disturbed by them ever again. The tiger was the most intelligent animal at the time and since he was also a member of the cat family he decided to help. He spent two weeks gathering knowledge and reading everything about changing coats. He decided on painting their coats. So all leopards got their coats glued and painted in black. They all were overjoyed.

The paint lasted for three days and then one day they went to hunt and killed nothing. They came back home stressed and hungry and wondered if their coats were turning gold again.

The following day they all caught sight of a badger who was stealing honey. They ran and gave an unexpected attack, the badger jumped just in time to see all the leopards soaked in honey. Their coats had turned to gold with black spots.



Once upon a time there was a peacock with a very plain body. His feathers and tail were brown and dirty, and he had funny wrinkled feet. One day, while the peacock was busy pecking away at food on the ground, Billy, the God of the forest, raced by. “Where are you going in such a hurry?” asked Peacock.

“The evil, female wizard is trying to catch me and although I am a god and I can use lightning to hurt people, nothing can touch the female wizard. All I can do to save myself is hide away, but there is no place here for me to hide.”

“Come quickly! I’ll put up my tail and you can hide behind it.”

The female wizard did not see Billy and went past him into the deep forest.

“Thank you. Thank you” said Billy.

“You are so plain but so brave. In return for being so courageous I’ll make you the most attractive bird in the forest.

As he spoke the peacock changed. His feathers become gorgeous, a bright blue and his tail a beautiful green tan with golden eyes.

Peacock looked at himself in the water and saw how pretty he was.

He came vain and walked around with his head held high. Whenever he saw furious Peahen whose feathers were still brown, he would open his tail to make Peahen jealous. But what didn’t change? His feet! And whenever Peacock looked at his feet and saw how ugly they were, he would put down his tail and screech!

By Julie

Nthabiseng – Alphabet Game Workshop at Push – Soweto – Tuesday 20th of June.
Letter Q -Qiana/Qunu/quill and queen:

Once upon a time in a small village called Qunu, there was a Queen called Qiana. She was also a writer and a poet and one day she went to the village and she called all the young girls because she wanted to select someone who was going to be her maid. So she wrote a note using a quill and she called a small meeting and all the ladies came and then Queen Qiana said: “whoever is going to impress me, I will give this same quill that I used to write this note, as a gift”. The girls were excited because the queen used that quill to write stories and proposals, so they all gave their best because they all wanted to own the quill that was used by the queen. The girls gave their best but there was one girl who really impressed the Queen and her name was Mmapelo. She won the quill because she impressed the queen with her singing and dancing. She danced a traditional dance and she won the Queens’ heart. The queen was very happy.

Futhi: Alphabet Game Workshop at the Baumann Barlow ECD in Doornfontein on Friday 30th of June.
Letter M: Mhambi, Marabastad, Moon and Marimba

Once upon a time on the dusty streets of Marabastad all of the sudden there was a ray of light and the people on the streets saw a bundle in a basket and they opened the bundle and they found a little baby girl. The people were scared because the girl came out of nowhere… But there was one couple who was really compassionate and they took the baby girl and they took her home. They had to come up with a name and I don’t really know how they came up with the name, but they gave her the name Mhambi, which means the traveler because they felt she came out of nowhere so she must have traveled from way far to get to where she was. So they gave her the name that means traveler. The dream of the adoptive parents who had only been in Marabastad was that Mhambi could travel places unlike them who had been constrained only in Marabastad. So when Mhambi grew up, her adoptive father was really into music and he used to play a lot of instruments and one of the instruments was a marimba and every time when Mhambi was listening to all these beautiful songs that her father used to play it would take her to places in her imagination. And when she grew up she had this dream of actually one day to literally go places. Now I’m fast-forwarding you and twenty years later she still imagined whenever she heard the marimba music to travel places. But being a grown-up girl now she wanted to travel very far. Her dream now was to travel to space and even to the moon. And one day that dream came true and she became the first female African astronaut who ever traveled to the moon.

Nosisa: Alphabet Game Workshop at the Baumann Barlow ECD in Doornfontein on Friday 30th of June.

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Rufaro who lived with his mother in a very tiny flat in Randburg so the only home Rufaro had ever known was that tiny flat. His mother worked very hard because she was a single mother and she always dropped of Rufaro at school on her way to work. Rufaro had a love for animals and had a wish to keep a pet and that pet had to be a rabbit. Every time mummy came back home Rufaro would ask please can we get a rabbit for a pet? But Mummy was like we don’t have a place of our own and we live in a very tiny flat that is not even ours and we are sharing this tiny flat with other people. The rabbit is going to be very unhappy in a flat. But Rufaro really wanted to have that pet and he started to nag and nag and nag and be very unhappy there. So one day late in the afternoon mummy came back home and she looked very excited and she said: “you know what? We are going on a little adventure, we are going on a bus trip.” Rufaro was very excited and asked: “where are we going to?” but Mummy said, “I’m not going to tell you… You are going to see for yourself”, so they went to ParkStation with their bags and Rufaro kept on asking “where are we going?” “No I’m not going to tell you it’s a surprise and I don’t want to ruin the surprise.” They got on the bus… and it was a very long journey. Mummy told Rufaro “if you get tired you can go to sleep, I’ll wake you up when we get there”. So after a very long journey mummy wakes Rufaro up and here they were at Gogo’s and Umkhulu’s place. Rufaro had never had a chance before to do a trip to where Gogo and Umkhulu lived in rural Zimbabwe. Rufaro is a Shona name and Shona people live in Zimbabwe but Rufaro was born and raised in South Africa. But there was another surprise too: in the rondavels, Gogo and Umkhulu had a surprise for Rufaro, the grandchild they had never met, there was a little pet outside and guess what it was: it was a rabbit and Rufaro was very happy to see the rabbit. And it turned out that he became even happier because his mother told him she had decided it was time to stay home in Zimbabwe because Rufaro was so happy here. And they lived together happily ever after.

Lebogang – Alphabet Game Workshop at Salvazione – Brixton – 26th of April.
Letter L – Lesedi/Lagos/lollipop and lion

Once upon a time there was a boy named Lesedi, he lived in Lagos. Lesedi loved eating lollipops. Then until one day when he was out to find the candy store, he went around and around but he could not find it. then he came upon a lion, the lion asked him what are you looking for? Then Lesedi replied I’m looking for a candy store because I want to buy a lollipop. Then the lion said why don’t you make your own lollipop? Then Lesedi said: I don’t know how! Please help me if you can. Then the lion began to teach Lesedi how to make a lollipop. Lesedi made thousands and thousands of Lollipops.

When he got home, Lesedi unpacked all his candy lollipops then started selling them so he could also support his single mum. Lesedi made a lot of money from selling lollipops and he was also known as the best creator of lollipops.

Enoch – Alphabet Game Workshop at Salvazione – Brixton – 26th of April
Letter D – Dakari/Durban/Donkey/Dung

Once upon a time there was a boy who was called Dakari. He lived in Durban with his family at the farm. They had a donkey called Prince. Prince was quite a naughty Donkey, he used to go inside the house and poop around everywhere. Dakari had to take care of him. One day Dakari went out with his friends while his parents were also out on their honeymoon because they didn’t have their honeymoon when they got married, they went to Hawaii. Prince was left in the house and Dakari was not there. Prince had to take care of the house, but he pooped and messed up everything! On the tv everything, he messed it up.. When the parents came back they called Dakari you were supposed to take care of Prince while we were on vacation, so you need to clean up this mess. While Dakari was cleaning up, Prince pooped again! Dakari thought Prince had a sickness so he took him to the hospital for a check-up. They checked him but said he was fine. There was nothing wrong with Prince. But he even pooped at the hospital. Dakari then explained to him you can’t do this, I have to do my homework so I can’t clean up every time for you!

So please please try to control yourself.


Once upon a time, there was a girl named Bella. Bella lived with her parents. Bella had a lovely voice and loved to sing.

One day her mother fell ill and died. Bella was filled with sorrow. Her father was lonely. 3 years passed. Then Bella’s father married a new wife.

His wife had two children, a boy and a girl. Their names were Jake and Cece. Bella’s stepmother never liked her but Bella never thought badly about her.

She made Bella work all day long but Bella never cared. Bella loved Jake and Cece a lot and they both loved Bella very much. When her stepmother found out that Jake and Cece loved Bella, she got very jealous.

Every morning, when Bella saw her stepmother she smirked.

Bella’s stepmother hated her so much that she told Jake an cece to hate Bella but they loved her so much that they only treated her badly when their mother was at home.

One day, Bella’s stepmother told Bella to go into the forest to get wood. She knew that Bella did not know the forest at all. Cece was in the forset singing. She did not know that there was a lion in the forest. She heard someone screaming and quickly ran to see who was screaming. She saw Cece then she saw the lion. She quickly set a trap for the lion, then the lion got caught in the trap.

Bella and Cece quickly ran away.

When Bella and Cece got home, Cece told her mother everything that had happened. Bella’s stepmother started crying because she realised that Bella would risk her life for Cece.

Then she got down on her knees and cried. Bella also got down and cried and told her mother not to cry.

Bella’s stepmother started loving her and they lived happily ever after.

The end

By Flavie